The DACOTRANS today not only executed transportation projects that involve the movement of cargos from Europe, Japan or the USA to South East Asia, but a major portion of the activities is also the transportation of heavylift cargos and machineries within the South East Asia region, very often on a door-to-door basis.

Complicated transportation projects which involve the multi modal movement of heavy lifts or overdimensional packages on a door to door basis are executed by DACOTRANS in cooperation with local transportation partners and under close control of the DACOTRANS office in the country of destination.
Road Transport By Road
We organize transportation to move general cargo, oversized packages and heavy/out of gauge pieces which requires specialized coordination to manage complex logistics and special handling equipment.
Rail Transport By Rail
We arrange rail transportation to convey cargo and exceeding dimensional packages. We handle all aspects of logistic to enable customer's product reaches its destination
Air Transport By Air
We manage all chartered flight, IATA booking through our partners in major airports in the world. Our specialist will ensure air-freight is secured and promptly delivered to destination
SeaTransport By Sea
We organize transportation by sea for general cargo or over dimensional items. We offer port to port vessel chartering and barge.
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